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Author and copyright

Authorship, author and copyright

Omsk Service Company, hereinafter referred to as the Company, is the owner of the Omsk Service trademark (TM), Omsk Service website (http://omsk-services.ru), hereinafter referred to as the Site and its domain name.

The company Omsk Service is the author, hereinafter the Author, of all articles, test and graphic materials, further Materials posted on the Site.

Omsk Service Company has exclusive rights to the Site Materials. All Materials at their first placement are registered by the Company, as copyrighted in Yandex, Google search engines and other specialized resources.

Graphic image

Graphic images placed on the Site, some of them, are taken from open sources and belong to their authors and legal owners on the property right.

Required to copy and use materials from the site

Copying materials from the Site is permitted only and only subject to the requirements and conditions specified below.

The copyright infringer reserves the right to use all legal means to protect them, without prior notice to the infringer of copyright.

Terms of copying and posting materials

When copying and placing the Site materials on other Internet resources, it is necessary to place the active reverse hyperlink http://omsk-services.ru/ and author's instructions - "Company Omsk Service", or "Omsk Service".

When copying and placing the Site materials in other media, in advertising and in public places, the Author’s indication is obligatory: “Omsk Service Company” and the web address of the site “http://omsk-services.ru” or “www..omsk-services. ru ".

The absence of a copyright sign © on any Site Material does not mean the absence of copyright on this Material of the company Omsk Service or its legal owner.


© 2009 - 2016. Omsk Service. All rights reserved. Copying and distribution of materials is allowed only with the consent of the site administration, and subject to an active hyperlink to the author.